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FW3000 Robotic Welding Cell

  • Single or Multi-arm, up to 3x

  • FW3000 Ferris Wheel servo positioner.  Up to 3000# per side capacity.  Dual servo headstock with tailstock.  Hollow-center Nabtesco RV reducers for fixture plumbing and wiring.  Up to 144" span, 40" swing diameter.

  • Welker shot pin, heat treated makes and pockets

  • Main sweep is a Nabtesco RV reducer gearbox with hollow center

  • Internal cable / harness routing

  • Common base platform for fast installation

  • Lag / Leveling bolts

  • Powder coated fabrications

  • Keyence light curtain protection (cascaded) at operator station.

  • Dual interlocked sliding access gates

  • Allen Bradley CompactGuardlogix safety PLC, 12" HMI as standard

  • Designed for Fanuc, OTC, or Motoman Yaskawa robots

  • Lincoln, Miller, OTC daihen weld packages with any major torch manufacturer's hardware.

  • Optional Imperial Systems smoke removal shroud and filtration

  • Optional RobotMaster cell environment and programming

Robot Packages

Welding and Torch Packages

Technology Packages

Air Filtration and Smoke Removal

Airport, Shadow, and CMAXX

Not much has changed in the design of the welding hood, at least until now. The Air-Port eliminates the weaknesses of standard hoods. It also brings its own unique set of patent pending benefits seen nowhere else. For standard and robotic welding, the Air-Port offers the first true new innovations in welding hood design. Other welding hoods stand on four or more legs that bend or break. You can settle for poorly made or makeshift products. You can order hoods, which can have a ten week lead time and will still require you to cut and modify them onsite. Many take hours, several people, and even a forklift to install. Your new option is the Air-Port. The Air-Port arrives ready to use. The ductwork is pre-installed into its two compact, low-footprint legs. Optional built-in spark traps give you another industry first in welding hood safety. Adjustable dampers built into the hood make it easy to balance the air flow for your needs. With the concave hood shape, the Air-Port captures more smoke and fumes. The Air-Port arrives on a pallet and can be installed by two people in less than an hour. Ductwork built into the cross beams hooks to your ductwork, with no holes to cut. The hoods can be lined up in a modular arrangement for a clean, efficient shop. The two-legged design leaves plenty of room to move around, so the Air-Port will not block people from getting where they need to be.

Contact us for pricing options for Airport, Shadow and CMAXX line for your robotic welding systems.  All of Industrial Robotix standard systems are fully compatible with all Imperial Systems robotic fume extraction systems.

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